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Are you looking for a hotel boat or a hotel ship for the Eleven Cities Tour the real one, 200KM on skates?

Would you like to rent a hotel room on the water for example for an city trip in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leeuwarden or for a visit to a port/harbour at the IJsselmeer in the Netherlands? Don't look further, at you have arrived at the expert in the field of hotel boats and hotel ships in the Netherlands.

What do I have to do?
In fact you don't have to do that much for a stay aboard of on of our boat hotels. In short it comes down to the following:

1. Count the number of persons
2. Decide in which city or port you would like to spend the night
3. Select a suitable boat hotel
4. Determine the date and the number of nights
5. Use point 1 till 4 to fill in the online form ( i )

We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss if necessary any remaining details.

What kind of boats?
The fleet consists of traditional sailing ships like clippers, schooners, barges, tjalks and motorvessels from the Netherlands. During the summer season these ships can be rented as charter ships, during the winter season as hotelboat, boathotel or sleeping ship. fleet: Avontuur, De Hoop, Gretha van Holland, Risdam, Bree Sant, Hollandia, De Hoge Wier, Vrouwe Anna, Aldebaran, Tsjerk Hiddes, Gaia, Anna Muiden, Selene, Actief, Ali-B2, De Liefde, Hartstocht, Hollandsch Diep, Lis, Merlijn, Wapen fan Fryslân